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What is this?

This is a audio CD burner application, that help you convert mp3 file to writable data format and burn your audio CD. mkaudio use cdrecord, mpg123 and sox as backend. Take a look at this screenshot. mkaudio have mailinglist that you can use. Join on this page. This software distributed under GPL license.


  1. Perl
  2. Tk
  3. lame
  4. cdrecord (optionally)
  5. mpg123 (optionally)
  6. mp3tag (optionally)
  7. mp3info (optionally)
  8. gtk-shell, ONLY for 0.2.3 version


Here you can download latest version of mkaudio. For install mkaudio extract him from archive and copy to /usr/bin or /usr/local/bin .
  1. mkaudioCD-0.4.1
  2. mkaudioCD-0.4.0
  3. mkaudioCD-0.3.0
  4. mkaudioCD-0.2.3



  • change dot directory to $ENV{HOME}/.mkaudio/ and data dir to $ENV{HOME}/.mkaudio/data/
  • add "Play/Stop" button and functions, that play mp3's
  • disable MP3info in this version, it have some bugs with colors in mp3tag output
  • add "Process output" window and some IPC functions
  • split application on to two parts, mkaudioCD and burn_part
  • clean code
  • check bug with file extensions in upper case
  • check bug with call undefined subroutine NEW
  • remove "Remove Raw files" checkbutton,that not needed now
  • useing lame as mp3 decoder, NOT mpg123!
  • sox not needed at that version
  • some GUI design changes
  • 0.4.0

  • add "Clear list"
  • add "Add single file"
  • add "Load xmms playlist"
  • rewrited update_lb function
  • rewrited internal work with playlist
  • add some key bindings
  • some bugfixes
  • 0.3.0

  • make some checks in update_lb function
  • add icons in error messages box's
  • add "Fast blank CD-RW" checkbutton and blanking function
  • add some key bindings, see Help
  • added "mp3 info" button and window if mp3tag is installed
  • removed the "Remove mp3 files" checkbutton
  • fix "spaces in dir names" bug
  • removed the "mpg123 verbose" checkbutton
  • fixed a path bug
  • fixed bugs of some events
  • add key bindings, <ESC> works in all windows
  • set Playlist colors in old monitor style(green-black)
  • exclude gtk-shell and use perl::Tk widget DirTree for playlist update
  • check required software(cdrecord,sox,mpg123) and gives error message
  • added couter for songs in playlist
  • smarter delete selection
  • 0.2.3

  • window geometry
  • works with config file (load,save && syntax)
  • checking required tools (mpg123,cdrecord)
  • load mp3 files from some other directory, not $ENV{HOME}/audio_cd/
  • Todo

  • sound fadeing
  • CD text
  • some bugfixes
  • Authors

  • Andrey Andruschenko <stsphinx@belgtts.ru>
  • Andreas Henningsson <andreas.henningsson@telia.com>

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